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Hello, My name is Brad. I am the owner of Pool City. I know that when you go to most companies websites they start off saying “We have been in business for over a million years”, followed by “our products are the best” and that their websites are designed as advertisements rather than sources of information to help you make informed decisions. I want you to know that what follows is just the opposite. My goal is to give you the tools to educate yourself about pools to the level that you want to know so that you can make educated decisions.

I know that you may have many questions, concerns and even fears regarding your pool.

Your questions many include: How do I maintain the water?
Your concerns may include: Which pool company do I choose?
Your fears may include having someone you never met come to your home and have access to your pool area (you don’t want just anyone there).
What You Need to Know in our industry is that there are many good people and a few bad ones. What you need to know is how to tell the good people from the bad people.

For example: pool professionals are skilled tradespeople that take courses and receive special certifications for the jobs they perform. You don’t allow unqualified mechanics work on your car because it may cost you more in the long run vs the initial quote.

What the Other Guy Isn’t Telling You: You need to be aware that some of the low cost services on advertised in our market. I have searched far and wide and have yet to find someone that will work for free. Well, if you receive a very low quote, you have to wonder why. Some reasons include: telling you equipment needs repaired when it doesn’t, taking short-cuts on the required maintenance chemicals to keep your pool water healthy for swimming, and the list is endless. Pool City uses business ethics and morals to conduct business professionally, and we know the happiest customers are those that pay a fair price for great service.

When I drive down the road and see pool service for $60/mo, I wonder what their business practices include. I’m happy to explain to customers that weekly visits should average $25 per visit depending on work performed. Other parts of the country like Texas will average $170/mo.

We offer quality products such as heaters, pumps, filters, floats and games at reasonable prices with a warranty.

A pool should be all about relaxation, not work. Call or come by our store. We stock many common products, chemicals, floats, pool equipment, or you can order by phone.

Your swimming pool is a valuable investment. Like all investments, you want to receive the most out of it. Lack of regular maintenance is the number one cause for costly repairs. Let Pool City take the worry out of owning a pool. We are passionate about treating customers like family.

If you are in search for the perfect pool company, let us show you why we are Florida's most trusted premium service. We would be happy to customize our services to fit your needs. Call today!


  1. Do not shop by price alone. We see this mistake often. This is a service by a skilled tradesperson, not a product on a shelf. Pool professionals are not all the same, far from it.
  2. Professionals make the difference.
  3. You can almost always predict, the cheapest service company is not the best. They don’t work for free and need to sell unnecessary items/repairs to make a profit. Your annual cost is usually more expensive with the other service companies.

Your pool is an expensive asset. Trust your investment to the Pool City pros.

Why choose Pool City:

  1. $2M insurance policy
  2. Workers Comp Insurance
  3. Appropriate License 
  4. High standards
  5. Business Ethics
  6. Qualified technicians
  7. Professional appearance
  8. Trustworthy employees in your backyard with background checks
  9. email confirmation sent on service day
For the “Do it Yourselfers”: come visit our retail store for your pool supplies, floats, equipment, etc. or call us.... Delivery is available.
Pool Supplies and Accessories
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